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Dec 8, 2020

How we're improving migrations from Jenkins to GitLab CI/CD

Learn more about our Jenkins Importer category and see what's in the works for easier Jenkins migrations. 阅读更多


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How pre-filled CI/CD variables will make running pipelines easier

Dec 2, 2020

Learn more about this future release and how pre-filled variables will save time and reduce errors.

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CNCF's 5 technologies to watch in 2021

Nov 24, 2020

We predict how CNCF's five tech trends to watch will impact cloud native and the tech industry over the next year and beyond.

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How to advance your DevOps practices with communication and collaboration

Nov 23, 2020

The most important skills for a DevOps pro? Collaboration and communication. We share some of our best blogs, articles, and videos to help you work better, together.

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Why it's time to switch your centralized version control system to distributed

Nov 19, 2020

We share a few reasons why high-performing software development teams use distributed version control systems.

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Migrating your version control to Git? Here’s what you need to know

Nov 12, 2020

Change is hard, but moving to Git doesn’t have to be if you read these tips.

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Future-proof your developer career

Oct 30, 2020

Roles are changing and AI is coming. We asked 14 DevOps practitioners, analysts, and GitLab execs how to future-proof your career.