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Join the ranks of GitLab Contributing Organizations!

At GitLab everyone can contribute. As a matter of fact, many of our users provide valuable feedback and code to accelerate developing new GitLab features as a part of their job.

The GitLab Contributing Organizations program seeks to empower and support organizations who are helping to shape GitLab and to guide them through their contribution journey.



Participants must:

Become a member

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GitLab Contributing Organizations

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How's this program different from the Core Team?

    The Core Team membership is not tied to an organization and Core Team membership is via invitation-only based on sustained contribution to GitLab over an extended period.

  1. Is this related to the GitLab DevOps Customer Advisory Board?

    No, the GitLab DevOps Customer Advisory Board is focused on sharing DevOps best practices and lessons learned with DevOps leaders in the industry.

  1. How's this program different from the Code Contributor Program?

    The Contributing Organizations Program is designed to recognize and support organizations who are making a sustained commitment to contributing to GitLab. The Code Contributor Program is focused on supporting individual contributors.

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