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Azure DevOps
Decision Kit
Decision Kit

Continuous Integration

Azure DevOps provides an easy to use Marketplace of plugins/extensions which makes Azure DevOps’ extensibility prevalent at key places in the user experience, such as when authoring a pipeline.

GitLab does not provide a marketplace of plugins for integrations into pipelines.

GitLab also offers Progressive Delivery capabilities such as Feature Flags, Review Apps and Deployment Scenarios (canar, incremental, etc.), which Azure DevOps does not offer.

How do we Compare:

  GitLab Azure DevOps
Includes previous Release Manager (release pipelines) Yes Yes
Native container support Yes Yes
Save to any container registry Yes Yes
Linux, Windows cloud hosted agents Yes Yes
macOS cloud hosted agents Soon Yes
Deployment stages Yes Yes
Release gates, and approvals No Yes
Maven, npm, and NuGet package feeds from public and private sources No Yes
Caching proxy of external repos/feeds No Yes
Artifacts integrate natively with pipelines Yes Yes