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Decision Kit
Decision Kit

Bitbucket Key Features

Issue Tracking

Tight integration with Jira for issue management  
  Code repos can be linked to projects and issues
  Cross tool functions: Create/View/Edit Jira issue in Bitbucket and create Pull Request and Branches in Jira issues
  Jira very popular and highly used for issue management


Tight Integration with Trello for team collaboration  
  Code repos can be linked to task
  Planning and Collaboration can be done in Bitbucket

Version Control

Free unlimited private repos  
  Up to 5 collaborators
  Allows public access to repos
  Tight integration with other Atlassian products
  Pull Request and Code Reviews
  Branch comparisons
  Commit History
  SOC 2 Reporting

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

Bitbucket Pipelines  
  Built into Bitbucket
  Bitbucket Cloud Only
  Linux based agent (runner)
  Language specific templates
  Build configurations stored in Bitbucket yml file
  Build status visibility in Jira
  Automatic unlimited concurrency -
run any number of pipelines concurrently
  Pipeline requires a few clicks to activation/setup