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Decision Kit
Decision Kit

CI-CD Roadmap Comparison


On July 28, 2020 GitHub announced their roadmap will be made public. GitLab welcomes this move by GitHub since it ensures greater transparency and enables customers to more easily compare the product direction and potential benefits to their DevOps processes.

GitLab has provided CI-CD capability for several years, as a result several of the roadmap capabilities planned by GitHub are already available at GitLab.

This page highlights two aspects:

  • Compares the CI-CD capability as documented in GitHub roadmap with similar capability in GitLab. It also shows dates when those capabilities were available or planned for availability.
  • Highlights select additional capability present in GitLab, that is not yet reflected in the GitHub’s roadmap.

For the full details on GitLab roadmap please visit the GitLab Directions page. GitLab also measures its overall maturity against various DevOps Stages. This self-assessment can be found here in the Product Maturity page.

CI-CD Roadmap Comparison

Roadmap Comparison 1 of 2 Roadmap Comparison 2 of 2