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Decision Kit
Decision Kit

Trello is a web-based project management application which uses the analogy of lists and cards as a user interface. A rich API as well as email-in capability enables integration with enterprise systems, or with cloud-based integration services. Trello offers a web interface, and mobile clients, and synchronizes all of them in near real time. Trello is offered as SaaS only.

GitLab also offers a list and card based user interface for project management, but also offers capabilities in code creation, testing, packaging, releasing, monitoring, and securing the work. While Trello does a great job of providing the single functionality of work item management and only as a SaaS solution, GitLab offers one application for the entire DevOps lifecycle, either as SaaS or in a self-managed form.



大型公司通常有数百个不同的项目,所有这些项目同一时间有着不同的进展。极狐GitLab 支持单个项目使用多个议题看板,因此您可以计划、组织可视化产品或功能发布的工作流程。多项目议题看板特别适用于拥有多个团队的大型项目,或者在使用单一存储库托管多个产品代码的场景。





Issue Board Label Lists

An Issue Board is based on its project’s label structure, therefore, it applies the same descriptive labels to indicate placement on the board. GitLab issues can appear on multiple issues and they still have meaning without the context of a particular board.


Add Multiple Issues to Project Issue Board

From an Issue Board, you can add multiple issues to lists in the board by selecting one or more existing issues.


New Issue in Issue Board List

With GitLab Issue Boards, you can create issues directly from the board and assign multiple labels allowing them to appear on multiple boards.