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Cloud native applications are the future of software development. Container-packaged, dynamically managed, and microservice-oriented, cloud native systems enable faster development velocity while maintaining operational stability.

GitLab is a single application with everything you need for end-to-end software development and operations. From issue tracking and source code management to CI/CD and monitoring, having it all in one place simplifies toolchain complexity and speeds up cycle times. With a built-in container registry and Kubernetes integration, GitLab makes it easier than ever to get started with containerization and cloud native development, as well as optimizing your cloud app development processes.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration platform. It is designed to automate your management of application containers, from deploying and scaling to operating. Kubernetes orchestration allows you to partition as you go scaling up and down as necessary. You can respond quickly and efficiently to customer demand while limiting hardware usage within your production environment and minimizing disruption to feature rollouts.

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Deploy GitLab on Kubernetes or use GitLab to test and deploy your software on Kubernetes

GitLab works with or within Kubernetes in three distinct ways. These can all be used independently or together.

Each approach outlined above can be used with or without the others. For example, an omnibus GitLab instance running on a virtual machine can deploy software stored within it to Kubernetes through a docker runner.

Kubernetes Integration

While you can use GitLab CI/CD to deploy your apps almost anywhere from bare metal to VMs, GitLab is designed for Kubernetes. The Kubernetes integration gives you access to advanced features like:

Use GitLab to test and deploy your app on Kubernetes

GitLab CI/CD lets you easily manage deployments to multiple environments. Run automated tests in parallel with auto-scaling GitLab Runners. Manually test changes in a live, production-like environment before merging code with Review Apps. Runners, Reviews Apps and your own application can be deployed to your Kubernetes cluster or any environment you choose.

Deploy on Google Cloud Platform

Use the same tool that tests Kubernetes

Prometheus, CoreDNS, and Kubernetes itself are built, deployed, and tested by CNCF using GitLab. They deploy multiple projects to multiple clouds with end-to-end testing using GitLab multi-project deploy boards to monitor progress.

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