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Transform the way you and your team work

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What is GitLab Review Apps?

Automatic Live Preview

Code, commit, and preview your branch in a live environment. Review Apps automatically spin up dynamic environments for your merge requests.

One-click to Collaborate

Designers and product managers won't need to check out your branch and run it in a staging environment. Simply send the team a link and let them click around.


With GitLab's code review, built-in CI/CD, and Review Apps, you can speed up your development process with one tool for coding, testing, and previewing your changes.

Deployment Flexibility

Deploy to Kubernetes, Heroku, FTP, and more. You can deploy anywhere that you can script with .gitlab-ci.yml and you have full control to deploy as many different kinds of review apps as your team needs.

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Review Apps

Review Apps is available in, GitLab Community Edition, and GitLab Enterprise Edition.

Review Apps transform the way you and your team work. For developers this means you can kick off your feedback process much sooner. Submit a merge request and preview your changes in a live environment. When you push to master, you'll know your changes have gone through CI testing as well as a live review where the team can make sure things work as planned.

For designers, product managers, marketing counterparts, etc., giving feedback just got a lot easier. You won't have to check out branches or set up a staging environment to preview changes. With Review Apps, you click a link and see the live changes. Hopefully, this means you can give more timely and informed feedback.



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