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Source Code Management

Source code management enables coordination, sharing, and collaboration across an entire software development team. GitLab supports teams to rapidly collaborate and iterate on new features and deliver business value.

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Source code management is where development teams start sharing and collaboration begins

Version control in GitLab helps your development team collaborate and maximize productivity, sparking faster delivery and increased visibility. With its Git-based repository, GitLab enables clear code reviews, asset version control, feedback loops, and powerful branching patterns to help your developers solve problems and ship value. Source code management is a critical part of the DevOps lifecycle, enabling teams to manage their work with a single source of truth.


  • Review, comment, and improve code.
  • Enable re-use and innersourcing.
  • File locking prevents conflicts.
  • Robust WebIDE accelerates development on any platform.


  • Git-based repository enables developers to work from a local copy.
  • Branch code, make changes, and merge into the main branch.
  • Built-in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) streamlines testing and delivery.

Compliant and Secure

  • Review, track, and approve code changes with powerful merge requests.
  • Automatically scan for code quality and security with every commit.
  • Simplify auditing and compliance with granular access controls and reporting.

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