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What is Auto DevOps?

Commit your code and JiHu GitLab does the rest. No manual configuration.

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JiHu GitLab Auto DevOps eliminates the complexities of software delivery by automatically setting up the pipeline and integrations, which allows teams to focus on business productivity. With Auto DevOps, developers can skip the manual work of configuration, such as security auditing and vulnerability testing, and focus on software creation.

Auto DevOps simplifies and accelerates delivery with a complete delivery pipeline out of the box. Commit code and JiHu GitLab does the rest. With Auto DevOps, you can expect to:

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Connect JiHu GitLab to your Kubernetes cluster. Don't have a cluster? Create one in a few clicks with the JiHu GitLab GKE integration.

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Install your runners

Install CI runners to get your server going. Kick back, relax, and let Auto DevOps do the work.

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